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Rodin tradition began in 1918, with Rodin Novelty Company, succeeded by Rodin Industries, whose involvement in the Promotional Products Industry began in 1953. Rodin Industries grew to a manufacturing facility of party favors and decorations, western straw hats and latex balloon dipping and printing. Today Rodin International represents factories which produce the same high quality merchandise and good service.

   We are  pleased to offer the world’s largest variety of novelty headwear at wholesale prices.  Hat styles to answer any occasion are found in the many pages on this website. Our hats and accessory products are used for special themed events, sales promotions, fund raising, special announcements and premiums. Click on Table of Contents to view the many categories. Need more information? Call 480-595-9288 to reach a knowledgeable sales executive.


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                                                                                                                          Hat Size Chart

                                                                            TABLE OF CONTENTS: 

Pg.15-14 Quality Safari Hats:  Cotton Australian Bush Hat, Cotton Camo Aussie Bush Hat, Cotton Safari Hat, Safari Hat with Mesh Sides, Cotton Safari, Cotton Outback with Camo Band & Binding, Bush Hat With Snaps
Pg. 15-15: Quality Safari Hats:  Cotton Safari with Mesh Sides, Safari Hat with Mesh Sides & Brim,  Cotton Safari Hat with Mesh Sides, Pigment Dyed Cotton Leather-Look Safari, Washed Cotton Safari, Canvas Safari with Mesh Crown, Cotton Safari Hat with Chin Cord, Vintage Washed cotton Gambler, Cotton Gambler with Mesh Sides, Brushed Cotton Gambler, Cotton Safari with Leather Band
 Pg. 15-16  Fedoras & Pith Helmets:  Straw Fedoras, Cocoa Straw Fedoras, Rafia Fedora with Frayed Brim, Maize Fedora, Plastic Pith Helmets, Plastic Pith Helmet (Rigid Plastic),  Pith Helmet, Child's Plastic Safari Helmet, Straw Pith Helmet, Child's Lindu Pith Helmets
Pg. 15-17   Fedoras: Fedoras: Straw Fedora, Toyo Fedora, Sewn Braid Fedora with Faux Leather Band, Sewn Braid 2 Tone Fedora, Twist Toyo Fedora with Faux Leather Band, White Toyo Fedora with Floral Band, Toyo Fedora, Ladies Toyo Fedora, Multicolor Sewn Fedora, Black & White Sewn Fedora, Black & Brown Sewn Fedora, Tan & Olive Sewn Fedora, Seagrass Fedora Hat
 Pg.  15-18Fedoras:  Toyo Fedora, Sewn Braid Fedora W/Black Band & Bow, Twist Toyo Fedora with Faux Leather Band, Fine Straw Fedora
 Pg.  15-20 Fedoras:  Toyo Fedora with Floral Band, Braid Fedora with Plaid Band, Sewn Braid 2 Tone Fedora
Pg.  15-25 Ladies Hats & Headwraps:  Ladies Cotton Canvas Up Brim, Cotton Up Brim with Leopard Trim & Frayed flower
 Ladies Cotton Up Brim Hat, Ladies Cotton Sun Hat with 2 Tone Contrasting Band, Reversible Cotton Swinger 5" Wide Brim, Ladies
 Reversible Cotton Floppy, Cotton Skull Headwrap, 3 in 1 Paisley Headband, Skull Bandana Headwrap, Skull with Eyepatch Cotton Bandana Headwrap, Pirate Skull & Sword Cotton Headwrap 

Pg.  15-34  Straw Headwear:   Straw Headwear:   Lindu Safari, Straw Safari with Floral Band & Under brim, Lindu Gambler with Cloth Under brim, Lindu Safari, Lindu Gambler, Lindu Gambler with Chin Cord, Lindu Outback, Straw Lifeguard Hat, Bamboo Straw Lifeguard Hat, Straw Fedora, Straw Fedora w/ PVC on Brim, Cocoa Straw Lifeguard, Fine Straw Lifeguard, Lindu Safari w/ Band & Buckle, Straw Fedora
Pg. 15-35:  
Straw Headwear:  Twisted Grass Gambler, White Buri Gambler, Vented Lindu Gambler, Two-Tone Twist Toyo Golfer, Cocoa Straw Gambler, Straw Fedora, Twist Toyo Golfer, Straw Fedora-Striped Band, Straw Gambler
Pg. 15-46:  Child & Adult Cowboy Hats:  Paisley Bandana, Child's Permalux Cowboy, Permalux Tall Texan, Tot's Permafelt Cowboy, Wool  Felt Cattleman, Cowboy Hat with Stitching, Cowboy Hat, Wool Felt Cowboy with Studded Band
and with Chin Cord,, Ladies Sewn Toyo Western with Scarf Band, Painted Straw Cowboy Hat, 2 Tone Braid Hondo with Shell Band
Pg 15-47:  Adult Straw Western Hats:  Lace Weave Tea Stained Toyo Western, Antique Lace Weave Toyo Western, Toyo  Western with Rhinestone Medallion Band,
Toyo Cowboy with Colored Wood Bead Band, Western Toyo Hat with Braid Band and Medallions, Rafia Lace Hondo with Wood Bead Band, Vented Toyo Hondo with Wood Bead Band, Woven Toyo Western with Bead Band, Toyo Western with Steer Medallion and Bead Band, Antique Toyo Hondo Western
Pg. 15-48  Adult Straw Western Hats:  Toyo Lace Western, Antiqued Straw Hondo, 2 Tone Rafia Straw Cowboy with Bead Band, Toyo Cowboy with Button Accents on Band, Rafia Cowboy with Animal Print on Band, Rafia Straw Cowboy with embroidery on Band & Brim, Rafia Straw Cowboy with Beaded Band, Rafia Cowboy with Painted Horseshoe on Brim, Toyo Cowboy with Crossed Revolvers on Band, Rafia Cowboy with Whip Lacing on Edge of Brim, Tea Stain Cattleman, Antique Rafia Hondo Western with Beaded Band, Rafia Western with Bead Band, Twist Toyo Western with Beaded Turquoise Medallion
Pg 15-49:
 Adult Straw Western Hats: Toyo Western Hat, Antique Lindu Hondo Western with Wood Bead Band, Toyo Cowboy with Colored Bead Band, Western Toyo Hat with Braid Band & Medallions, Sewn Toyo Western with Leopard Scarf Band, Antique Lindu Western with Wood Bead Band, Toyo Western with Steer Medallion & Bead Band
Pg 15-50: 
Adult Straw Western Hats:  Toyo Rolled Brim Cowboy, Toyo Rolled Brim Cowboy, Painted 2 ton Straw Cowboy with Colored Stones on Band, Antique Lace Weave Toyo Western, Toyo Western with Rhinestone Medallion Band, Toyo Hondo Western with Chin Cord
Pg. 15-51:   
Adult Straw Western Hats: Lindu Western, Graffiti Straw Cowboy, Straw Western, Cocoa Straw Western, Cocoa Straw Cowboy, Burnt Straw Hombre,  Lindu Hondo Western, Straw Hondo Western Hat, Straw Western Hat, Straw Western Hat 
Pg. 15-52:  
Adult Straw Western Hats: : Adult Straw Western Hats: Straw Barndance Cowboy, Straw Cowboy, Hi Crown Mexican Western, Hi Crown Texan, Straw Western with Screen Printed Band, Straw Hi Crown Texan, Straw Western, Lindu Cowboy with Printed Band, Wide Brim Cattleman, Straw Western Hat with Serape Trim, Cocoa Straw Cowboy, Oversize Straw Western, Straw Cowboy Hat, Seagrass Cowboy Hat
Pg. 15-53:  Mexican Hats:   Giant Zapata 25 In. Dia., Multicolored Sombrero, Straw Bird's Nest Hat, Childs Embroidered Crown Sombrero,  Mini Sombrero, Multicolored Sombrero, Sombrero with Serape Band, Gambler with Floral Band, Maracas, Straw Sombrero, Childs Straw Mountie Hat,  Better Bird's Nest Hat, Child's Sombrero with Serape Band, Fringed Colored Sombrero, Colored Sombreros 
Pg. 15-54:
Novelty Hats:  Straw Coolie, Deluxe Coolie Hat with Chin Cord, Colored Straw Coolie Hat, Straw Braid Coolie,  Black Coolie with Pig Tail
Pg. 15-55: 
Novelty Hats:  Velvet Dragon Hat, Party Animal Velvet Birthday Hat, Velvet Dragon Hat,  Light-up Velvet Novelty Hat with Tubes, Neon Velvet Flame Hat with Light-up Tubes, Snakeskin Tall Hat with Gold Chain
Pg. 15-57: 
Novelty Hats:   Felt Jester Hat, Deluxe Felt Jester Hat, Velvet Jester with Points & Bells, Hamburger Hat,  Hot Dog Hat, Felt Beer Mug Hat, Velvet Pizza Hat, Velvet Jester with 13 Horns & Sequins, Sequin Hat, Got Beer Mug Hat - Velvet, Metallic Beer Keg Hat, Mug Hat
Pg. 15-61: Animal Novelty Hats:   Animal Novelty Hats:  Felt Bat Hat, Velvet Flamingo Hat, Velvet Parrot Hat, Pig Hat with Flapping Wings,   Furry Bat Hat
Velvet Chicken Hat, Child's Velvet Bug with Flower Hat, Big Red Bug Hat, Velvet Bee Cap, Velvet Frog Cap, Velvet Lady Bug Ca15Pg. Pg. 15-62:
Animal Novelty Hats:   Animal Novelty Hats:  Velvet Moose Hat, Velvet Penguin Hat, Furry Bison Hat, Velvet Penguin Hat, Furry Moose Hat
Pg. 15-63: 
Animal Novelty Hats:
Animal Novelty Hats:  Felt Lobster Hat, Felt Crab Hat, Velvet Alligator Hat, Velvet Frog Hat, Velvet Crocodile Hat, Giant Velvet Lobster Hat, Velvet Lobster Hat, Giant Sequin Velvet Alligator Hat, Red Iridescent Crab Hat, Velvet Spider Hat, Velvet Octopus Hat
Pg. 15-64:  Novelty Hats (Animals):  Velvet Shark Hat, Furry Wolf Hat, Wolf Hat, Shark Hat, Silver Metallic Shark Hat, Plush Ape Hat, Plush Bear Hat
Pg.  15-65:  Novelty Hats, Masks, & Headpieces (Animals):  Velvet Elephant Hat, Felt Cow Hat, Velvet Elephant Hat, Plush Tiger Mask w-Sound, Plush Lion Mask w-Sound, Plush Wolf Mask w-Sound, Black-White Monster  Hat
Pg. 15-66:  
NOSES: Velvet Pig Nose, Honking Clown Nose, Pig Nose, Elephant Nose
Pg. 15-71: Motorcycle Hats, Accessories &  Costume Hats  Leather Cap, Plastic Handcuffs, Vinyl Bikers Cap, Vinyl Studded Wrist Band, Vinyl Studded Gloves, Metal Handcuffs, Black Whip, Sexy Vinyl Cat Set w-Nailheads, Metal Handcuffs
Pg . 15-72: 
Viking & Crusader: Plastic Conquistador, Child's Viking Helmet, Crusader Play Set, Viking Helmet, Viking Helmet with Fur, Viking Helmet, Deluxe Crusader Set, Deluxe Viking Helmet with Fur, Adult Vinyl Gladiator Skirt,  Viking Hat with Braids (Plastic),
Latex Viking Hat, Viking Helmet with Hair

Pg. 15-73: 
Costume Hats:    Cotton Sailor, Adult Yacht Cap, Adult Yacht Cap, Cotton, Wool Beret, Greek Fisherman Cap,
Yacht Cap, Houndstooth Newsboy, Sherlock Holmes Cotton Cap, Cotton Yacht Cap, Navy Captain's Hat
Pg. 15-74:  Costume Hats:    Police Cap (Navy) Chauffeur's Cap (Black), Navy Police Cap, Pilot Hat w-Adjustable Back, Police-Chauffeur Cap, Police Cap w-Badge, Jr. Airline Pilot Cap w-Adjustable Back. Cotton Pilot Hat
Pg. 15-75:  Costume Hats   Adult Cotton Engineer Cap, Chef Hat, Conductor Hat (Cotton), Military Hat (Cotton) with Adjustable Back,
Foreign Legion (Cotton), Military Cap (Cotton), Deluxe Military Hat with Black Bill, Cotton Chef Hat, Adult Cotton Engineer Hat
Pg. 15-76:  
Pirate Hats & Accessories :  Deluxe Vinyl Boot Tops, Velvet Musketeer, Black Velvet Pirate Hat With Gold Lacing,
Large Velvet Pirate Hat With White Feather, Gold Plastic Doubloons, Caribbean Pirate Hat, Caribbean Child's Pirate Hat,
Pirate Hat With Gold Skull & Crossbones, Pirate Bandana With Braids (Poly)
Pg. 15-77:  Pirate Hats & Accessories:  Pirate Bandana (Cotton), Crushable Foam Pirate Hat, 21" Pirate Headwrap,
Polyester Pirate Hat, Parrot, Plastic Telescope, Pirate Headband

Pg. 15-78:  
Pirate Hats & Accessories:  Sword & Eyepatch, Pirate Hook, 21" Pirate Sword, Pirate Play Set with Gun,
Dagger & Eyepatch, Pirate Gun, 21" Pirate Sword, Pirate Eyepatch, Silk Pirate Eyepatch

Pg. 15-80: Western & Novelty Hats & Accessories:  Child's Army Helmet (Plastic), Cotton Army Hat,
Plastic Bullet Belt, Western Pistol Set, Western Rifle, Pistol, Army Helmet, Felt Cowgirl Headband With Braids

Pg. 15-81: 
Costume Hats & Accessories:  Permafelt Propeller Beanie, Leader Cap, Bet Mine's Longer, Multi-Color Propeller Cotton Cap, Bee Antennae, Colonial Mob Hat, Adult Cotton gingham Bonnet, Tin Hat (Plastic), Metal School Bell, Deluxe Felt Hillbilly Hat with Corn Cob Pipe & Feather
Pg.  15-82: 
Crowns & Tiaras: King's Crown, Child's Plastic Jeweled Crown, Plastic King' Crown, Deluxe King's Crown, Plastic Crown,
Velvet King's Crown With Metallic Trim, King's Crown, King's Scepter, Kings Crown

Pg. 15-84:  
Dress-up Hats:  Plastic Police Helmet, Plastic Construction Helmet, Child's Plastic Fire Hat, Adult Plastic Fire Hat,
Plastic Construction Hat, Plastic Racing Helmet, Child's Plastic Fire Chief Hat, Miner Hard Hat (Plastic), Child's Plastic Space Helmet,
Child's Plastic Fire Chief Hat, Child's Black British Bobby Hat, Child's Plastic Space Helmet, Child's Swat Helmet, Swat Helmet

Pg. 15-89:  Civil War Hats:  
Suede Rebel Hat, Suede Union Hat, Cotton Union Hat, Cotton Confederate Hat, Pink Cotton Civil War Cap, Wool Union Cap, Wool Confederate Cap, Wool Felt Confederate Officers Hat, Wool Felt Union Officers Hat, Permafelt Confederate Cap, Permafelt Union Cap, Permalux Deluxe Confederate Officer Cap, Permalux Deluxe Union Officer Cap, Permafelt Union Officer, Permafelt Confederate Officer
Pg.  15-94:  
Christmas Hats Velvet Santa Hat, Felt Santa Hat, Felt Santa Hat with Bells, Felt Elf Hat with Ears, Santa Hat (Plush),
Deluxe Plush Santa Hat, Red Sequin Santa Hat, Red Felt Santa Hat, Santa Hat with Braids, Green-Red Velvet Elf Hat,
Elf Hat with Light & Sound (Felt), Plush Santa Hat, Light-Up Red-Green Felt Elf Hat, Felt Santa Hat with Led Flashing Ball,
Red-White Velvet & Plush striped Flashing Ball Santa Hat, Elf Hat with Light & Sound (Felt), Elf Hat, Felt Elf Hat With Ears

Pg.  15-96: 
Hawaiian Luau:  Coconut Bra, Natural Skirt with Flowers 30" Long, Jungle Leaf Bikini Top, Adult Hula Skirt 20" Long,
 Jumbo 3" Rainbow Lei, 2 1/2" Plum Blossom Hawaiian Lei, 2 1/2" Flower Hawaiian Lei, Jumbo Hawaiian Lei,
 Adult Eva Sea Shell Bra, 2 1/2" Flower Lei, 4" Flower Lei with Hibiscus, 3" Neon Flower Lei  

Pg. 87-12: Indian & Middle Eastern Headdresses & Accessories:  Indian & Middle Eastern Headdresses & Accessories:  Indian Headdress, Laurel Leaf Headband, Cleopatra Headpiece, Indian Headpiece, Big Chief Feather Headdress (43" long),  Big Chief Feather Headdress (30" long), Velvet Pharaoh Hat, Metallic Pharaoh, Satin Prince Headpiece, King Tut Plastic Headpiece and Neckpiece, Egyptian Headpiece, Headpiece with Plume, Feather Native American Headdress, Indian Necklace, Medicine Man Bone Necklace and Headband Set,  Gold Laurel leaf Headpiece, Metallic Arabian Princess Hat
Pg. 89-12: Patriotic Hats & Accessories: 
Patriotic Hats:  Plastic Skimmer, RWB Uncle Sam Mad Hatter, Red, White, Blue Top Hat with Stars, Velvet Top Hat with RWB Stripes, Liberty Hat, Uncle Sam Velvet Top Hat with Light Up Stars, Giant Velvet Uncle Sam Top Hat, Statue of Liberty Torch, RWB Sequin Bow Tie, Plastic Top Hat with USA Flags, Red, White, Blue Velvet Jester with Sequins, RWB Hat with Light Up Tubes
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